Apr 11 2014

Mitigating Litigation Risk in New Municipal Revenue Streams

by David Sunday and Lynn Dramnitzki 2014/04/11

Municipalities are finding it increasingly difficult to fund the growing cost of local services and other municipal operations. Financial support from higher levels of government is limited, while increases in property taxes often face stiff resistance from the electorate. While certain municipalities have been given special powers to assess and collect tax other than just property taxes, most municipalities must rely on property taxes as their principal means of funding many of the services they provide. Continue reading…

* * This article is intended only to inform or educate. It is not legal advice.  Be sure to contact a lawyer to obtain legal advice on any specific matter.

Originally published in Municipal WorldApril 2014.

David Sunday and Lynn Dramnitzki are lawyers at Sorbara, Schumacher, McCann LLP, one of the largest and most respected regional law firms in Ontario.

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