Aug 10 2015

Three things to know about the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002

By Lucas Blair, Law Student 2015/08/10

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Following the tragic events of the Walkerton contaminated water disaster in 2000, the Ontario Legislature passed the Safe Water Drinking Act, 2002 (the “Act”) to regulate Ontario’s drinking water and create mandatory standards.

The Act has flown somewhat under the radar for the […] Continue Reading…

Aug 4 2015

NEWS: LRT and construction detours continue apace in Waterloo Region

The combination of road construction and LRT-related work has made for a hectic summer on the roadways, and it looks like it will be continuing into the fall. READ MORE

Jul 8 2015

NEWS: Kitchener’s Borden-Courtland intersection closes again for LRT work

For the second time in three months, light rail transit construction is expected to close Courtland Avenue at Borden Street in Kitchener. READ MORE

Jun 26 2015

News: Development charge exemption shot down by Waterloo city council

On Monday night, in a tie vote, 4-4, Waterloo city council rejected a proposal to slash uptown development charges in half. READ MORE

Jun 11 2015

Short Term Rentals: Zoning By-laws must be clear and non-discriminatory to be effective

By David Sunday 2015/06/10
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In the recently decided case of Puslinch v. Monaghan, 2015 ONSC 2748 (the “Puslinch case”), the Ontario Superior Court has confirmed that Zoning By-laws that purport to regulate short-term rental use of a property cannot do so in a way that is discriminatory, vague, uncertain, or […] Continue Reading…

May 28 2015

NEWS: Proposed New Condominium Legislation in Ontario

Due to the recent increase in condominium ownership in Ontario, the Provincial Government began a three-stage process in 2012 to update the Condominium Act, 1998. This process, which included contributions from condo owners, developers, managers and industry experts, will result in the first overhaul of the Condominium Act in […] Continue Reading…

May 21 2015

Municipal Bonusing Update: Supreme Court denies leave to appeal in Vincorp Financial Ltd. v. Oxford (County), 2014 ONCA 876 (CanLII)

By David Sunday 2015/05/21

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The Supreme Court of Canada has denied leave to appeal in the case of Vincorp Financial Ltd. v. Oxford (County), 2014 ONCA 876 (CanLII) (“Vincorp”). Notwithstanding the case has now been looked at by the highest court, the law around municipal bonusing is not a whole […] Continue Reading…

May 7 2015

Presentation: The Rights of Way Quagmire: Strategies to Keep Your Easements Out of the Muck

Presentation delivered by David Sunday and Art Linton at the International Rights of Way Association, Chapter 29 Spring Seminar in Niagara Falls, Ontario on May 8, 2015.
‘The Law in this area is an unspeakable quagmire. The intrepid soul who ventures into this formidable wilderness never emerges unscarred. In looking back they see […] Continue Reading…

Mar 10 2015

Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015 Proposes Changes to the Ontario Development Charges Act and the Planning Act.

By Art Linton 2015/03/10

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On March 5th, Bill 73 proposing changes to the Development Charges Act and the Planning Act passed first reading before the Ontario legislature without debate.  The Honourable Ted McMeekin, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, told the legislature:
“If passed, the Smart Growth for Our Communities Act […] Continue Reading…

Dec 24 2014

NEWS: South Boundary Road bypass construction to begin soon

Construction of the South Boundary Road bypass in Cambridge is set to begin shortly, with plans for a 2017 completion.
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